Open Government Partnership – Minister Publishes Ireland’s Draft National Action Plan

Draft OGP National Action Plan 06-05-14 – Tell us What you Think in the Comment section below. by Open Knowledge Ireland

3 thoughts on “Open Government Partnership – Minister Publishes Ireland’s Draft National Action Plan”

  1. It’s fantastic news that Ireland has committed to the Open Government Partnership and has come a long way to publishing this draft. I think this is an achievement but it remains to be seen whether the plan stays a plan or will be turned into action. Some insights: Citizens, civil society organisations, journalists and businesses are all calling for dropping charges for freedom of information requests, basic human right and the basis for a functioning democracy. This has been ignored in this Action Plan and goes against the OGP principles of transparency and accountability.

    Two things that stand out:
    – Still charging for Freedom of Information
    – The action plan is now unreadable. Civil society had submitted a suggested structure that would have made it easier to read, but this draft makes it very hard to assess progress.

  2. Unfortunately the government did not mention the proposed partners for each commitment in the civil society. As for a project plan, there are missing budget information, clearly defined timelines and responsible persons.

    Also, please do correct me if I am wrong, but did not the government promise to add the original proposals from the ‘participation process’ at least in the appendix?

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