OGP Action Plan: Meetings with Departments of Justice and Environment

As we are continuing our work to collaborate on drafting Ireland’s 1st OGP Action Plan in a Joint Working Group the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform D/PER has helped us to set up 2 meetings with members of civil society and officials from the Department of Justice and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government.


4th April 2014, 2.30pm, Custom House – Meeting with Department of Environment on Aarhus and citizen participation

9th April 2014, 11am, 94 St. Stephen’s Green – Meeting with Department of Justice on UNCAC and official secrets

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The group of citizens and civil society organisation involved in collaborating on Ireland’s OGP Action Plan have asked for these meetings to discuss further the opportunities for more citizen participation, transparency and accountability in and of government. As these will be the overarching themes for the conversation. But all interested citizens, organizations or business are welcome to attend. If interested you MUST indicate your attendance by adding your name to via the link above. If you are interested but cannot attend in person you can also add your questions to the same document.


Click Here if you would like to review the current draft of the 1st Irish OGP Action Plan. Please note this is a work very much in progress and the document is open for commentary. We will raise commentary to the Dept. of Public Expenditure and Reform and ask that it be considered when preparing the Action Plan.


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